September 12, 2007

You know you want to hit this

Check this out. The Oracle Apps people are planning on hosting a Lunch 2.0 shindig at the ranch on October 22. Great idea, right? That's why I'm taking over and the planning the entire event personally. I mean, come on. We can't let the Apps people frig the whole thing up. It's just too important.

I'm taking the thing up a notch. Amber Mac and Veronica Belmont have already agreed to come, but only on the condition that we give them the red carpet treatment. No problem there. I lined up a couple of their stalkers to follow them around with some special x-ray vision camcorders. And in case you're wondering, no, the stalkers aren't Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. But they will be here to film an episode of Diggnation. Instead of drinking beer, they'll be sampling Larry's homemade bonsai brownies. The special kind. No, I'm not kidding. It's in the contract they just signed.

So RSVP ASAP, freaks.

UPDATE: I've just been informed that Mark Zuckerberg will be attending. You know what that means, bros. Bring your rotten tomatoes. A free fake Ferrari car door handle goes to the first person to nail Zuckerberg with a cream pie.


Anonymous said...

Back in my day, we didn't have "Lunch 2.0," we just said "I'll have the soup and the sandwich...

Anonymous said...

Come on Larry, don't be a tool. 2.0? Whatever happened to 1.0, or Beta? You can't just launch something the first time and call two point oh just cause it sounds cool.

And if you're trying to jump on the web two oh bandwagon, save yourself now. Leave that shite to the douchbags (i.e. Mark Zuckerberg and Kevin Rose)

Anonymous said...

please hit kevin rose with a shovel then burry him with it