September 3, 2007

PeeCee World strikes again

Yes, I know PC World is about as relevant as a fart blowing in the wind. But we're still sensitive to stuff like this, even if they had to go dumpster diving for this bum named Alexander Kornbrust, who seems all too willing to bad mouth Oracle. Basically, the dude says that we did a sloppy, shoddy programming job and frigged up the entire 11g release and left it wide open for hackers to completely destroy all of your data. Or something. Now, I haven't looked into this guy's outlandish claims yet. But my guess is that he decompiled our proprietary software, pasted in some kiddie scripts, did a quick and dirty recompile, and then slapped the doctored torrent up on Pirate Bay. So sure, it's going to have vulnerabilities. Sure it's going to have holes. I mean, the kid's just some douche bag trying to make a name for himself. In the unlikely event that this crock of an article really is true and our 11g release does have vulnerabilities, we'll take full responsibility and do everything in our power to fix the holes. Honest. We can probably have the patch out by the end of the week.

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