September 21, 2007

InformationWeek thinks they’ve reverse engineered me on this SaaS thing

So let me get this straight. SaaS is now a great buy just because I don’t think anybody can make money selling it? Hell yes, according to InformationWeek. See here. Mary Hayes Weier says, "If Ellison's observation isn't a red flag to CIOs, than I don't know what is." This makes a lot of sense. It really does. And it tells us that Mary was one of those girls who got her belly button pierced after her daddy told her not to. She’s also the type of person who speeds to work in the morning because the highway signs tell her not to. Because if somebody tells you that something shouldn’t be done, they must be trying to pull one over you, right? Makes sense to me.

And here’s something else that makes sense to me. Anybody who visits a blog called "CIOs Uncensored" should purchase their goods from Seriously. We don’t want you as an Oracle customer.

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