September 4, 2007

CNN: Clearly Not News

Apparently the Iraq war, genocide in Africa, and Jessica Alba's latest boob job aren't good enough for CNN. They want to try to increase traffic by publishing the stupidest and most idiotic news tidbits they can drudge up. Now Ted Turner's illegitimate child has gone and frigged up the only good news source it had left. And what's left? All the tabloid and Hustler-type shit that people can get in Reader's Digest and Weekly World News. Like this piece, that says that men are attracted to hot women. Nice. Hey, maybe you guys could change your name to "MOO: Masters of the obvious" or something.

I am ashamed of you, CNN. We should revoke your right to use Oracle.

BTW, you're right about women being attracted to smart men. That's why guys like me and Jack Nicholson have slept with thousands of women and Gates and Ballmer have only slept with their wives. If you ask me, the Microsoft turds took a dip in the shallow end of the gene pool.

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