September 11, 2007

I have a cold fusion reactor I'd like to sell this guy

There are only two types of people in the world: Those who understand technology, and those who don't. This article seems to indicate that Business Week's Peter Burrows lands squarely in the n00b category. The dude thinks Steve might buy up a chunk of the wireless spectrum for all of Apple's devices, like the iMac and iPhone and AppleTV and shit. That way, according to Peter, everything will be able to phone home and seamlessly sync with .Mac or whatever. So let me get this right. Peter thinks a bunch of wireless devices will be communicating via a center server. Tell me this isn't the Network Computer. Go ahead. Do it, punk. Tell me this isn't the idea I came up with over ten years ago.

And for your information, no, Steve is not going to place a bid on the wireless spectrum. But Google will. And when they win, they'll be letting Apple use it for pennies on the dollar. That's how Google is. They think they're geniuses, but they're real morons when it comes to making money. And Steve's about to take Eric on the ride of his life.

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