September 5, 2007

Son of a motherless goat

Well, I just lost a couple thousand dollars in the Oracle office pool. Turns out Steve didn't announce the new AppleTV, Beatles catalog, or content providers like I thought he would. What a butthead. Thing is, I even ran all of this stuff by him over the weekend and he said, "Uh huh" and started smiling and nodding. Ah, well. Live and let live, right? And honestly, part of it could have been K.E.G. We started the pool after lunch yesterday when I was totally baked and sloshed. Paybacks are still going to be a bitch, Steve.

There is one small consolation: Laughing at all of the turds who followed me and bet exactly what I bet just because I know Steve. Like, oh gee, Larry knows Steve so he must know what's going to happen, right? Ha, ha. You morons.

Still debating whether or not to give away free iPod Touches to all Oracle employees. More later.

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Anonymous said...

Free iPod touches? We were so touched by that boat discount thing. Can't believe your generosity.