September 24, 2007

I canceled my subscription to the Mercury News

These Mercury News turds (above) pushed my buttons for the last time this weekend. See here. Article is called "Steve Ballmer’s motivation a mystery to Larry Ellison." The gist is that Shit for Brains is underpaid and I'm overpaid. According to them, SFB is great for Microsoft and he's a kind soul for not wanting to be paid very much. And they don't understand why I can't be like SFB. Like, gee, Larry Ellison is such an SOB for wanting to get paid for working.

Well guess what, buttheads? I'm canceling my subscription to your pathetic little rag of a newspaper. Oracle's not going to get it anymore either. And I wiped my ass with it this weekend and flushed it down the toilet.

And I've got a little news flash for you. Whatever Shit for Brains is getting paid is too much. Way too much. The dude has taken the wind out of Microsoft's sails. He's sucked so much life and money out of the company that it's just a shell of its former self. It's not even a monopoly anymore. I mean, let's face it. You know you have a problem when people would rather use Ubuntu than Vista. That's just sad. So no, he's not underpaid. In fact, if anything he should be paying Microsoft to work there.

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