September 13, 2007

Do people really hate me this much?

Or do they just want me to cry myself to sleep every night? All I know is that these Linux Magazine people are out to get me. See here. Here's the best quote: "Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison resembles a classically-styled supervillain... You just know that his $16,000,000 Atherton CA, Japanese feudal estate, complete with tea gardens, Bonsai trees, and sakura blossoms also has sharks with frickin' laser beams in the swimming pool."

Actually, it doesn't Jason. It has minnows with friggin laser beams in the swimming pool. I've embraced nano technology, you turd. Why don't you come over for a swim tomorrow? The water's nice this time of year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now that you mention it, I can completely imagine you as a mix between the villain from the labyrinth (david bowe), Dr. Evil, and ... Cher (maybe that's just me?).