September 21, 2007

It's official: SAP belly flopped

So says in a new article. See here. According to them, "SAP on Thursday got immediate and what can only be called less-than-enthusiastic feedback from the very people it most hoped to please." Yeah. That's an understatement if I've ever heard one. Look, people around Oracle are calling Business ByDesign the new Zune. It's painful to look at, impossible to use, and more expensive than the stuff you should really be buying. And then there's that quote from Bruce Francis,'s vice president of corporate strategy. "I feel like sending Henning Kagermann a fruit basket today," he said. "This is a fantastic thing. What SAP is doing is confusing their customer base and opening minds and markets for the SaaS model."

Right on, Bruce. I'm right there with you, bro. What SAP is doing is kind of like what is doing with That's why I sent you that fruitcake a couple days ago. Hope you enjoyed that, by the way.

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