September 17, 2007

Steve thinks he’s driving to England tonight

He calls me up and he’s like, dude, I just bought this kickass RV for the drive to England. I’m taking the wife and kids and turning the European iPhone announcement tomorrow into a vacation. That’s right, bud. It’s time for a little R&R and maybe even a trip to Disney World on the way home. We’re leaving tonight. And Larry. Oh my God. You’ve got to see this RV, man. Fucking incredible. I can even fit my Benz into this little garage thing under the RV. And I say, wow, gee, that sounds really cool, Steve. But you can’t drive to England, bro. There’s just no way to get there from here. And there’s a pause. Then he says, yes there is, Larry. You go through Canada. I have the map right here on my iPhone. And I say, Steve. Jesus, man. Just get on your Gulfstream tomorrow and learn some geography. It’s not going to kill you. Then he starts dropping the f-bomb and saying how I’m against him and gee, how much did Katie Cotton pay me to say that anyway because he’d really like to know. Then the guy hangs up on me. Just like that.

I love Steve, but sometimes I really worry about the guy. And I’m not sure what’s going to happen tomorrow. Hopefully they won’t find him in his RV at the bottom of the Atlantic.

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