September 11, 2007

Forget LAMP already -- say hello to LAOP

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past ten years, LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It's a kind of so-so open source server stack for people who think they can't afford to buy anything. Turds working at places like Red Hat slap all of those free pieces of software together and hand you something that costs, what, about $50,000 a year to support? Call it the hidden cost of open source.

Anyway. So we took a look at the entire LAMP thing and thought, wow, this is an awesome fixer-uper. Like a house that has a leaky roof and a bathtub that backs up, we took LAMP and made it our own. First order of business? Take out the weakest link, which is MySQL, and swap in Oracle. Boom. Say hello to LAOP. Think Oracle is a strange bedfellow? Think again. Check out this article where the author raves about how Oracle was built for Linux, and Linux was built for Oracle. And best part is that the author shows how we're sticking it to Red Hat with our new Oracle distribution of Linux. Sadly, there's no mention of the fact that LAOP costs a fraction of what LAMP costs to support.

And yes, I know that there are hundreds of acronyms floating around out there. Some open source turds seem to think that we should be using the acronym POLA instead of LAOP. To which I say: They would think that. POLA sounds like a friggin STD, not a kick-ass server stack.

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