September 18, 2007

" is like HyperCard only 1,000 times better. Now let's see a show of hands. Who's going to buy it?"

More brilliance this week from Marc "You can't always be first" Benioff. It's two days and two new product lines into Dreamforce 2007, and we've been wowed. The wow is now, as they say at Microsoft. I mean, seriously. I can't believe some of these products. They're amazing. Oh, wait. No. I'm thinking of SAP's A1S that's coming out tomorrow. But still. I think this whole thing has potential. I really do. I mean, once these guys can turn Salesforce Content into something more than an Alfresco demo, that'll be a cool product. And Salesforce Ideas sounds like a Facebook application, right? Just think of the possibilities there. Post employee pics and turn it into the company Hot or Not site. Or maybe vote on the type of Starbucks coffee the office should buy. Or something. I don't know. Anyway, I'm impressed. Seriously. I mean it.

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