August 28, 2007

You think this is funny?

Because I sure don't. Everybody knows Steve is going to live forever. Why even joke about something like this? It's not even remotely funny. You know what would be hilarious, though. To find the dude who made this and have Steve tell him personally that he's been banned from Apple for life. Like, guess what, dumbass? Your iCard's been pulled. No more iPods or Macs for you. Nada. Zip. Go sit in the corner and use a Zune and Google gPhone for the rest of your pathetic existence. And then watch as the dude starts screaming and crying and shit. Yeah. That would be priceless.

Maybe we can actually do it. I'll have my IT security guys get on it this afternoon. If anybody can find the turd who made this, it's them.

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