August 22, 2007

Meet the new daily driver

I know what you're thinking. But just hear me out, okay? I'm tired of living life in the fast lane. I mean, the NSX is a great car, and I'm not selling it. But I think it's time to slow down a little. I want to be able to drive a car at say, 50 MPH and not feel stupid doing it. That's why I just bought this Karmann Ghia. Completely new, never driven, and almost stock. And talk about a chic magnet. There's already a bunch of hot interns in sales who want to go for a ride.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's great Larry, just great... The last thing this world needs is another 63 year old monomaniac driving under the speed limit. Don't get me wrong - that is one of the finest cars ever built - but driving it slow is like tying an anchor to a stallion's dick: you will get where you are going but the rider should be kicked in the head.

I think you have been smoking too much grass. That laced shit will fuck you up. Stick to pure Hawaiian .