August 31, 2007

Does anybody remember Power Computing?

Probably not. All the kids running around with Macs and iPods and iPhones these days are recent converts. But take it from an old fogey: Power Computing had some truly spectacular advertising. They staged one of the most brilliant advertising coups of all time. Really. Back in '97, nobody could resist a banner that screamed, "Let's kick Intel's Ass!" Sure, you'd get your ass kicked today if you were tooling around with this on the back of your car, but back then it was really something. Their ads made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like you were a part of something big and making history with other Mac users. And we were.

That's why I've directed Oracle's advertising agency to model our newest advertising campaign after this one. And no, we're not stealing the Power Computing advertisements. We'll probably just copy them and change them a little. Like, in the advertisement shown above, we'll take out the 225 MHz part, add a MiG, and say, "We're fighting back for the relational database!" Or something. Actually, I don't know what we'll do to it exactly, but we'll definitely improve upon it and make it our own. So prepare to feel all warm and fuzzy, punks. New Oracle ads are coming to a rag near you.


Anonymous said...

Still running a Power Computing box today. It's main and only function is an old 9 pin cabled UPC barcode reader to verify our barcodes before printing. One beep good, two beeps bad. The Power Computing still runs great and flawless.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day I owned a PowerComputing PowerTower Pro with the vaunted 604e processor (gotta love floating point!).

And, that was the third Mac I ever owned. I guess that makes me an old fogey....