October 3, 2007

Much love, Mercury News talking heads

Remember a couple weeks ago when Jack Davis at the Mercury News said I couldn't figure out what makes Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer tick? Well, today Chris O'Brien partially redeemed his partner in crime by linking to my blog and actually acknowledging that I wouldn't provide any comment on the crisis over at BEA Systems. The thing is, if he'd really taken the time to read my blog, he would have seen that I don't care about BEA Systems anymore. But that's a journalist for you. Chris may be a technology guy, but he's still a reporter at heart and he's steeped in journalist ethics and standards. Which basically just means that he's a closet Walter Lippmann reader who believes what he wants. But thanks for getting the story straight this time, Chris. Call me, girlfriend. We can talk about reinstating my subscriptions.

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