October 28, 2007

I'm sailing off into the sunset

Friends, I hope you're sitting down right now. I'm afraid I have some bad news. Recently there have been some complications with my lawyers and the public relations department, so I'm going to have to wrap things up here on this little blog. And in case you're wondering, yes, I know what you're thinking. I'm sorry it had to end this way, friends. But look on the bright side. Every time you make a phone call and purchase something with your credit cards, every time you make an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon and fire an employee at your corporation, chances are you'll be using an Oracle product. And every time you use an Oracle product, our paths will cross, if only briefly.

I'd like to thank you, dear readers, for all of the comments and email messages. And it would probably be a crime not to send shout-outs to the kind people at the San Jose Mercury News, MacSurfer, ZDNet, InfoWorld, and Oracle Apps Lab for all of the favorable press. And, of course, Zack Urlocker. I'll do my best to send free fake beta 12g databases out to everybody. Peace.


Anonymous said...

don't do it, Larry, don't go!

Anonymous said...

this sux, u're an asshole larry!

Anonymous said...

All the brothers in the Valley be pourin' out 40s for you, homey.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fake Larry,

We will miss you. Also, drop me a line via email.

Michael Krigsman

Unknown said...

Say it ain't so!

You will be missed.


Anonymous said...

sad, really.

Anonymous said...


I suspected this day was coming soon. I'm sorry to see you go, but I know it's hard to sustain two fake CEO's. I wish your blog had gotten the recognition it deserved before you drew the curtain on it.

Marten said...

Hi Larry,

well, you sure know how to put it...You should've just listened to me and not drank all that Vodka. Or accept such a wager when your stoned for that matter.

Anyway, I wish you good luck.


Anonymous said...

Where are you Larry? Weren't talking at OpenWorld? What did you say? No time for a little feedback? I hope you didn't forget to invite Jobso.

Anonymous said...

time to start a
fake mark zuckerberg blog


You will have better luck in Second Life

Anonymous said...

Wow, this sucks.

Unknown said...

I hate FAKE CEO's anyways!

Anonymous said...

Good luck ,man.