October 2, 2007

So Steve calls...

And he says he wants a raise. He says, you know what, Larry? I put this little podunk company on the map and what do I get? Fucking $1 a year, dude. That's how Apple's board of directors thanks me. That's how the stock holders thank me. And yes, I know I'm technically the CEO who received the most compensation in 2007, but it's not enough. It's still not enough, Larry. You know that, right? You're with me on this one. I know you are. I mean, I'm only like what, the 37th richest person in the world or something? Fuck that shit, dude. I want to be up there with you. I want to buy a little place in Woodside next to your house and have a buddhist temple in my backyard made out of gold where I can go and meditate and think about the next great thing. I'm thinking it will be the Newton reincarnated but I'm not sure yet. I'm really not. I've got to think about it more. So what do you think, man? How should I approach these guys and ask for a raise?

Crazy Steve. I just hope this iPhone bricking business blows over soon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you Larry, that lil' turd doesn't deserve squat, no pain no gain, you don't see him flying a jet fighter, manning a boat or stabbing competition in the sack where it hurts the most, so how can he expect glory when he stays safe?