October 2, 2007

Caption contest

Okay, so first I've got to tell you that my lawyers actually advised me against holding this contest. They said something about how traffic to my blog isn't high enough yet and people never leave comments or whatever. But you know how I listen to my lawyers. And anyway, I have faith in you people. I know you're going to come through for Larry and actually leave some captions in the comments. Believe me, you're going to have a field day with this one.

So here we have Bill Gates and J Allard at the Zune 2 launch ceremony today. In the Times article Gates said, "We are very pleased with the satisfaction we got. The satisfaction for the device was superhigh." Um, yeah. Not too sure about that, but I do have to admit that I'm a little disappointed they discontinued the brown Zune. Guess the "Like a Turd" jokes have to stop now, eh? Anyway, have at it, bros. Free fake Oracle 12g Database Alpha edition goes to the winners.


Anonymous said...

Gates: These new Zunes are great! Don't you think so, Kevin Spacey?

Allard: *sigh...*

Anonymous said...

Gates: ...and in my left hand, i have the electronic version of the Zune.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you. Screw the lawyers. They just don't have your balls. Well, I mean, who does, right? Tell them to start researching ways to shanghai readers from FSJ's blog to fill up the comments.

Jake said...

Shiny head, shiny chin, shiny turds.