October 10, 2007

ZDNet's Michael Krigsman calls me out

Dude left a comment on one of my posts earlier today. Not sure, but I think he wanted to gently remind me of "Oracle's little payroll problem over at Arizona State University." Only it wasn't our problem, Mike. It was ASU's. Seriously. Because here's the thing. Sure we sell people software and support, but we aren't going to walk customers through every single itty-bitty little step. If they go and drop all of their tables by accident, that's not our fault. It's called operator error, Mike. Read our EULA. It doesn't cover mistakes made by blonde bimbos working as ASU interns who have freak-out moments whenever they break one of their nails. So you aren't going to get us on this one, bro. Nuh uh. Not going to happen. Talk to the hand, girlfriend.

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mkrigsman said...

Dear Larry,

I do appreciate your comments because busy folks like yourselves can't possibly be expected to take time to help those troublesome users. Users are a big pain in the ass, aren't they?

I loved how you took credit for doing an amazing job over at ASU. Publishing a case study with ASU as the implementation poster child took balls. What did you think about the armed guards? I thought it was pretty exciting.

Anyhow, I'm a big fan, and here's my post on the way you guys took credit:


Just one last thing: please don't label me a "Larry hater" -- that one hurt.

Michael Krigsman