October 15, 2007

We're a little disappointed about Doris Lessing

My wife Melanie really thought she was going to win the Nobel Prize in Literature this year. Don't ask me why. I mean, all of her books have been out of print for years now. And even when they were still in print, the only people who read them were desperate stay-at-home-moms and gay men and horny teenage girls who kept vibrators under their mattresses. But she still thought she was going to win. I warned her. I told her she was cruising for a bruising. Before we got married I said, Melanie, only 11 women have won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 106 years. And she said that she knew that and she wasn't going to get her hopes up or anything. But did she listen to me? No, she did not. She started crying her eyes out last Friday when I was supposed to be closing the deal with BEA Systems. It sort of frigged everything up. Anyway, that's what I was this weekend -- a shoulder to cry on. You're jealous, I know.


Anonymous said...

if you don't have time to write put her to work, what kind of a macho man are you?

Anonymous said...


I'm a little concerned. The lack of comment on the blog, and now the lack of updates, has me wondering about FLE's future. There've been some quality posts that have prompted no apparent response.

Anyway, hope to see more updates soon.