October 1, 2007

Shit for Brains has lost his marbles

Check out this article where Stevie B. tries to diss me but just winds up pulling an incoherent George W. Bush moment. Here’s what he told the Times Online: "I find it interesting and probably not that considered a decision to do what [Oracle have] done." Right. You know, as frigged up as this is, I think I get the gist of the article. SFB is upset that I get paid as much as I do and he thinks Oracle is making a mistake. But the article is probably a plea for help more than anything. Steve has gone nuts working out this Facebook deal and he knows he needs professional help and medication. He’s trying to seek help through the press. It’s like a secret message he’s sending to the medical community.

Listen, Steve. I just called some professionals up in Redmond and they concur. They can hear you, bro. Help is on the way. Just hold tight and they’ll be at your office soon.

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